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Alkaline antioxidant water in sports

Paula Herrero

Champion of Spain Olympic Triathlon 2020

“I am delighted with Alkanatur water, it helps me in my day-to-day life and improves my sports performance.

I have only been here in Madrid for 1 year as part of the Team Claveria triathlon team and I did not hesitate to use Alkanatur alkaline water from the first moment.

The tap water in Madrid did not give me much confidence and since I started using the Alkanatur Drops pitcher I noticed a lot of improvement in the taste and quality of the water. This summer I noticed greater hydration when training supported by Alkanatur water, greater and faster recovery from one day to the next.”

Conclusion of the study by Alkanatur and Reebok Team Clavería at the Reebok Sport Club on the effects of ionized alkaline water in sport

Hydration with Alkanatur ionized alkaline water increases the performance of the athlete, constituting a simple and healthy ergogenic aid since it also provides high concentrations of antioxidants, crucial to combat the high oxidative stress that athletes present.

Another factor is also the minerals that it contributes, the high concentration of magnesium, helping support  the neuromuscular axis.

Improves hydration and recovery of athletes.

Team Claveria

Ricardo Clavería

Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

“As a sports coach, I have seen the changes that my athletes have made by drinking the water from the Alkanatur jug, we have verified both in scientific studies and in the field itself the significant improvements in recovery and in their daily performance.”

The Clavería team is a High Performance Sports Training program that aims to take its members to the Triathlon Elite led by Ricardo Clavería.

Alkanatur’s relationship with the Clavería team began after the triathletes participated in the study carried out in 2017 with the Reebok Sport Club and which consisted of carrying out stress tests with expired gases under normal hydration and 2 weeks later the comparison of the performance with one week of hydration with Alkanatur ionized alkaline water.

After the excellent results at the beginning of 2018, Alkanatur becomes an official collaborator of the team.

The entire process was supervised by cardiologist Cristian Casseus Schurig and by cardiologist and sports medicine specialist Dr. María Jesús Núñez Martí. Dr. Núñez is the medical director of the Healthing of the Reebok Sport Club and responsible for the physical control of the triathletes of the Project.

Christian casseus

Cardiologist Specialist at the Rafael Nadal Sport Center

“Both within the sports field and in normal life, the Alkanatur Drops jug is a great alternative to help fight harmful free radicals and allow us to reduce oxidative stress in our body as well as an excellent option to hydrate ourselves, especially in sports activities of moderate-high intensity and duration. This could delay the onset of fatigue by reducing acidity in our body as this is a consequence of the increase in lactic acid and thus improve recovery times. “

Juan Carlos Novo

(CEO Alkanatur) and Dr. Cristian Casseus talk about “To what extent is hydration relevant in sport?”

Teodoro Vazquez

Chemist, minimalist runner and creator of the Runner’s Blog.

Carmen Franco

Athlete. Bronze medal in the 400 meter dash W50 of the Spanish Master Championship.

“I am delighted with the Alkanatur water. I have noticed a good improvement in the recoveries after playing sports. The taste is good and the bottle is comfortable to handle. “

Raul Latorre

Runner – Physiotherapist

“I feel more hydrated. I have less feeling of thirst and I have not known anything about cramps and dehydration symptoms for a long time both in training and in competition. “


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