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We share this video of Rosa López Monis where she talks to us about improving our culinary techniques.

Rosa María López Monís

Molecular biologist by IE University of Segovia, Master in clinical analysis by the University of Granada, Master in dietetics and dietotherapy by the University of Valencia, formed in Cellular Nutrition with R. Hilu, formed in cellular microscopy in California with R.Young, microbiologist. It combines Molecular Biology with food, being a specialist in Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. Currently studying the Degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University Isabel I. Colegiada No. 01829. Citas Huelva, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and online. Tel: 959 284944.
In this video we will review what are the best culinary techniques to conserve the greatest amount of nutrients in your food. We will review the advantages and contraindications of all of them.

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