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Alkanatur Pitcher Annual bundle + OmWater


The pack Includes :

  • Alkanatur pitcher
  • OmWater Gratitude Bottle
  • 4 Filters for 1,600 liters, equivalent to 12 months of normal use. Each filter has a duration of 400 liters.
  • 1 1 liter bottle, BPA Free.
  • 100 test strips for pH measurement
  • Reagent drops for measuring water pH
  • The Alkanatur pitcher is the only pitcher on the market that does not add sodium to the water.
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Alkanatur Annual Pack + OmWater Gratitude Bottle

  • The components of our pitcher and filters have been analyzed by prestigious entities, such as the Instituto de Cerámica de Galicia.
  • The Alkanatur Drops pitcher has passed all the strictest European controls as suitable for contact with food
  • 750% more antioxidant than (tap) water.
  • An Alkaline pH of up to 9 in (tap) water.
  • Hydrogenated water, due to its high antioxidant capacity
  • Contribution of minerals such as magnesium
  • Antibacterial
  • An excellent taste
  • Free of chlorine and heavy metals


  • The only alkalizing pitcher made in Spain
  • Capacity: 1.5 Liters Purifies alkalizes and ionizes tap water
  • Endorsed by university studies (see studies)
  • With European certification of product in contact with food (see certifications)
  • Innovative Design Independent tanks (does not mix water when serving)
  • Fast filtration: 1/2 liter in 2 minutes 13 seconds
  • Fits perfectly in the fridge
  • Keeps hydrogen dissolution in water constant Free of Bisphenol-A, BHPF, and Phthalates
  • Does not contain hormonal disruptors
  • An alkaline pH between 9 and 9.5
  • A minimum capacity of -700mV of ORP (Antioxidant Capacity) 
  • Excellent taste free of chlorine and heavy metals
  • Anti-bacteria 
  • The container has a capacity of 1.5 liters of alkaline, ionized and purified water
  • Lifetime warranty, we are responsible for any failure of the pitcher not related to its use
  • NOTE The Alkanatur pitcher has all the certifications regarding the products used; plastics are certified; the quality of the water, its alkalizing power, and the capacity of antioxidants is verified.


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