The Alkanatur Harmony Water recycled glass bottle. A bottle with a message of peace, gratitude, and love that tunes in with the Om symbol (the sound of creation) and the symbol of the seed of life. The Harmony Bottle is an elegant bottle with a story to have as a centerpiece on your table. This bottle is not only beautiful but, it's designed to add good vibes to the water

  • 100% recycled glass
  • 0% heavy metals
  • 1.2 L capacity (34 oz)
  • Includes a cotton sleeve to protect your bottle
  • 100% Made in Spain
  • Ecological natural cork:  Treated not to add odors and flavors to the water
  • Ergonomic: The size is ideal for family use
  • Fits in the fridge
  • Designed with love and harmony: Its design carries a message of peace, gratitude, and love

The Harmony bottle is a bottle that has a story that reminds us to be thankful for what we have and what's around us. We are 70% water, the quality of the water we drink does matter. Alkanatur products are certified by multiple institutions.