Alkanatur Filter

The filter is 100% created in Spain, was the result of two years of research with the University of Galicia. It has all the certifications required by the European Union. See Certifications obtained. The result of this study is the Alkamicronized selective® patent, which allows filtering up to 400 liters of water free of chlorine, fluorine, nitrates, heavy metals, excess calcium and much more, in the water.

What are the components of our filter?

Natural active coconut charcoal: Achieves water purification: chlorine, heavy metals, fluorine, trihalomethanes, etc. Their pores are very small so they filter to the smallest particle.

Pure Magnesium: Acquired in Switzerland. It helps to alkalize the water, generating a pH between 8.5 and 9.5.

BioCeramic: It is the great innovation and patent of Alkanatur. It manages to ionize the water in addition to delivering a large amount of antioxidants, resulting in a bioavailability greater than 77%.

The filter is created with 100% natural materials, which do not cause harm to man. The result is a rich water, fresh and natural flavor.