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What is alkaline water?

What are its benefits?

It is likely that you have heard of alkaline water, its properties and health benefits.

Among its benefits is helping to regulate pH, improving digestive health and reducing the effect of free radicals.

When we talk about alkaline water, we refer to the pH level (hydrogen potential), a number that will indicate the degree of acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution within a scale from 0 to 14 with 7 being the neutral pH and if it is higher it will be alkaline.

Scientific explanation of alkaline water and pH

As we were taught in school, the H2O water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom. What not everyone knows is that the water molecule does not have the two hydrogen atoms aligned, but that they form an angle of approximately 105º and this gives the water molecule properties that make it compatible to be the fountain of life. If this alignment wasn’t like this, the water molecule under normal conditions would be gas and life forms as we know would not exist.

Now that we have a clear idea of ​​what water is, we will identify what pH is:

In nature, all substances have what chemists call pH, hydrogen ion potential, which is nothing more than the measure of the number of H3O and OH- that a substance has in liquid phase. Some water molecules, although their formula is H2O due to their activity, lose one of the hydrogens compared to a neighboring molecule, remaining as OH- and its neighbor with H3O+.

In pure water we can measure the amount of molecules that have been separated in this way and since it depends on the temperature, we measure it at 25ºC. We see that the concentration is 10-7M, which means that very few molecules have separated or we can say that a randomly chosen molecule separates approximately every 10 hours.

When we have the same concentration of H3O + as of OH- we say that the substance is neutral.

To measure the concentrations, a scale has been devised, which indicates from a very high concentration of H3O + (the lowest values ​​on the scale) to concentrations in which there are hardly any free H3O + (the highest values ​​on the scale).

How is pH measured?

As in earthquakes, a logarithmic scale has been chosen since the quantities have a very high range from the most acidic concentrations with concentrations 10E − 1 to the most alkaline 10E − 14.

The formula to obtain the values ​​referred to the pH that we see in the tables is carried out using the concentrations of H3O + and is the following:

pH = −log10 [H3O +]

As a central value, we use the value 7 since the natural concentration that appears in pure water is 10E-7 as we have said, applying the pH formula gives us the value 7.

Any value less than 7 indicates that it has a greater amount of H3O + therefore acid and a value greater than 7 indicates that the substance is alkaline.

How alkaline water is made?

We can obtain alkaline water in different ways:

Buying bottled water with the consequence that its subsequent waste of plastic has for the environment knowing that 1 liter bottle is equivalent to 162 grams of oil and that many of these bottles will end up in the sea.

It can also be obtained at home by boiling water for 5 minutes to increase the pH of the water to 8.4 or adding half a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate to a glass of water, increasing its pH to 7.9. In both options it is important to use distilled water because tap water or bottled water can contain other additives and toxins, and although the pH rises it does not have the antioxidant power of ionized alkaline water. In addition, the use of bicarbonate can produce an excess of sodium with which you should be careful.

Finally, we can obtain alkaline water through water purifiers such as the jug designed by Alkanatur, whose natural coconut activated filter absorbs sediment, bacteria and toxins, providing quality alkaline water. You get all the benefits mentioned above without the harmful chemical like excess sodium or microplastics that can damage your system.

With the Alkanatur Drops Pitcher, you get a pure and healthy alkaline water, with a fast filtration system and all you need is tap water. Eliminating 99% of pesticides, heavy metals, trihalomethanes and obtaining excellent tasting water as it eliminates chlorine.

Alkaline water benefits

Among some of the benefits of alkaline water is the power to neutralize the acids in our body, balance the pH, eliminates toxins from the body, and helps digestion.

alkanatur Filter
mineralized alkaline water | Ionized Alkanature water
mineralized alkaline water | Ionized Alkanature water

Natural anti-acid

Our lifestyle (poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, environmental toxicity …) can unbalance our body pH, producing what scientists call mild metabolic acidosis.

To rebalance our body, ionized alkaline water with its high pH helps digestion and improves our intestinal health.

It is recommended for chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and diseases of the stomach or intestine.

Drinking alkaline water fights toxins, acid residues, and body waste, thus avoiding fluid retention since the body will be balanced and the cells will not be forced to retain fluids to combat acidosis.

mineralized alkaline water | Ionized Alkanature water

Reduces fatigue

Alkaline water is highly recommended for athletes as it improves the body’s buffering capacity, reduces fatigue and regulates the acidity that occurs during exercise.

When we do high-impact exercise, acids are increased and this makes it difficult to eliminate lactic acid from the muscles, so to avoid this situation it is important to eat a light diet and hydrate with alkaline water before and after exercise.

mineralized alkaline water | Ionized Alkanature water
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Natural antioxidant

The word antioxidant has become very popular in the last decade. Vegetables or anti-aging creams for example use the term antioxidant as something positive that provides health, but probably the general public has never taken five minutes to reflect on what antioxidants are and why it is good to include them in our life.

As we all know, the human body is a perfectly oiled machine that works thanks to food, just like a car needs gasoline. Both systems process fuel and eliminate waste, the cars in the engine and the cells of our body in the mitochondria.

The body’s waste comes from obtaining energy from food in our cells, through chemical reactions in which some substances are converted into others, releasing energy. As an analogy with the car, we can say that when gasoline is introduced into the engine it burns and we take advantage of the heat of this ignition to move the vehicle.

Some easily removable waste is produced through the exhaust pipe and others that can gradually start to degrade the engine.

In the same way, our body can easily eliminate the bulk of the harmful waste substances, but a part that is more difficult to eliminate, the free radicals, may remain.

A free radical is a molecule, which is positively charged because it has lost an electron and is desperately searching for any molecule that can provide it.

The problem arises when these free radicals rips electrons out of our healthy cells, making them unstable because they need its electron.

The damage that is caused in the cells is making them less and less efficient and increasingly difficult to fight free radicals. Helping our cells get rid of free radicals can help them survive longer and better.

This is where antioxidants come in. Antioxidants are molecules with the ability to give up the electron to free radicals and make them stable again. Antioxidants target free radicals by giving them the electrons they need thus, leaving our cells unharmed.

Antioxidants are found naturally in nature in various foods and also in water.

To measure the amount of free electrons in water we can use a measure called ORP (oxidation reduction potential). The ORP measures the ability to release electrons, acting as an antioxidant. When the charge of electrons is negative, the lower its antioxidant value will be the water.

As we have seen, drinking alkaline water due to its greater antioxidant power * favors the elimination of free radicals and therefore improves our cellular health. If we improve the machinery from the inside it will be noticed from the outside.

mineralized alkaline water | Ionized Alkanature water

An indirect benefit of drinking alkaline water: It’s good for the environment

Drinking alkaline water not only has benefits for our health, but it helps reduce the use of single-use plastic by avoiding the purchase of bottled water. The direct consequence of helping the environment also saves money in our pocket.

For all these reasons, the Alkanatur Drops pitcher is a solution with a quality guarantee, with the best materials, manufactured in Spain and with all the corresponding certifications, complying with the standards required by European regulations.


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