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3 Useful Utensils For A Healthy Kitchen


Switching to a healthy kitchen may seem difficult at first. Here we show you some tools that can help you in the process.


The result is similar to that of a classic blender, however in nutritional and quality content is much higher, since not having any piece that rotate at high speed, fruits and vegetables will not heat, which will prevent oxidation of the nutrients The taste is purer since it is a cold pressing extraction, all by mechanical procedures. The extraction speed is usually between 40 and 160 rpm, getting intact vitamins and enzymes and discarding the dried pulp on the other hand.
In short you get a more energetic juice. For me this is an essential device in a bioalkaline kitchen, as it helps us a lot when it comes to introducing the maximum amount of chlorophyll in the body, by getting it separated from the fiber, which on the other hand is also very beneficial.
There are two types of extractors with a single gear, which have a single serrated screw, which is rotating on an axis, crushing food, is somewhat similar to chewing. And the most pros, the one that I ended up buying after trying with many others, the double gear, which have two screws, with which you can extract the juice almost any food, herbs, leaves, or vegetables. They share the same advantages as those of a single gear but with the addition that the juice is even more concentrated, since it is possible to exert more pressure and catch less air in the juice. And they are also the fastest and easiest to clean. That if they are also the most expensive.



Dehydration is one of the best techniques to conserve food, made since the Neolithic and that was done drying the food to the Sun. If you want to make your children delicious healthy chips of vegetables, do not hesitate to plant in your kitchen a good dehydrator . And remember that at more than 42º we have already started to denature proteins as enzymes, so the best method to dehydrate is the sun, followed by a dehydrator at no more than 42º C, temperature.



These utensils are very practical to remove strips and present the vegetables in original forms of noodles, spaghetti, strips of different width. For example, I love making a zucchini pasta and I consider it a fun way to eat vegetables for the little ones.


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