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  • Sports performance
    Lithiasis (Gallbladder-kidney stones)
    Triglycerides and Cholesterol
    acid reflux
    Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Immune system
    general pain
    Fatty liver
    Cardiovascular problems
    gut microbiota

Alkanatur ionized alkaline water, health benefits - Dr. Maria Monsalve

Dr. María Monsalve, CSIC Senior Scientist. Head of the Research Group of the Alberto Sols IIBm Biomedical Research Institute (CSIC-UAM) Higher Council for Scientific Research - Autonomous University of Madrid.

Dr. Monsalve, a specialist in the field of antioxidants and oxidative stress, tells us about the positive involvement of Alkanatur ionized alkaline water in various pathologies and the studies carried out to demonstrate the results.

In the following presentation, the doctor will discuss the research from gastric problems, inflammation, the oxidative stress and even the concentration of microplastics that are very durable in the body, and also the chlorine from the tap water. She compares both the tap water used in Madrid, Spain and the bottled water that also contains these "Persistent Organic Pollutants" with negative consequences to our health and that the doctor develops during the conference.

From Alkanatur we proposed to analyze our water to verify the results in various tumors, hypertension and in the intestinal microbiota. The results were clearly positive in the preclinical studies conducted by the doctor's group at the CSIC.

  • Evaluation of the potential beneficial effects of Alkanatur ionized alkaline water in hypertension *.

    In this preclinical study on arterial hypertension, a significant improvement in vascular response is observed, with no detectable harmful side effects. Therefore, the results are consistent with those obtained in the previous study on tumor development, which showed an improvement in the vasculature.

    Likewise, a significant reduction in mediators of the inflammatory state was observed in a hypertension model, which is associated with chronic inflammation.

    This is important, because in the context of hypertension, vascular alteration is generally closely linked to the inflammatory state.

    A trend towards a reduction in oxidative stress indicators is also observed, an observation also consistent with the data derived from the tumor development study.

    All this highlights the importance of water in our diet, for the maintenance of our homeostasis, the balance that allows us to respond adequately to diseases.

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  • Evaluation of the potential beneficial effects of Alkanatur ionized alkaline water in three types of tumors *: Skin, lung, and liver.

    On September 2021, the study was published by the scientific journal "Archives of Medical Science - Civilization Diseases". This annual publication brings together research carried out by scientific groups from around the world on diseases linked to lifestyle and longevity in industrialized countries.

    The conclusion drawn by the research group is that alkaline water could have protective effects on vascular function in subjects with tumors. In addition, it reduces their inflammation and the incidence of metastases in their development.

    You can read the full article on the magazine's website (in English) by clicking here:

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  • Study carried out by the University of Almeria to measure the neutralizing capacity of the water treated through the filters of the Alkanatur pitcher against the acid residues generated by the organism and its antioxidant capacity*.

    Study carried out at the University of Almería where it was demonstrated the neutralizing capacity of the Alkanatur filters against the acid residues generated by the organism and its antioxidant capacity.

    In both cases, it quadruples that of various well-known bottled mineral waters and ultra-distilled water.

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  • Study conducted by Reebok Sport Club and Alkanatur: new study with Alkaline Ionized Water for sports, in collaboration with Reebok Team Claveria

    Coordinated by the cardiologist Cristian Casseus Schurig and Dr. María Jesús Núñez Martí medical director of the center and specialist in sports medicine.

    The study consisted of carrying out stress tests with exhaled gases under normal hydration with tap water and 2 months later hydrated with Alkanatur ionized alkaline water.

    The athletes were during this period in a stage of training and competition

    The hydration with Alkanatur Alkaine Water on triathletes, demonstrated a significant increase of the time to reach the anaerobic threshold, improving their performace.

    Check out the study in our blog 
  • Preclinical study on the evaluation of the potential beneficial effects of Alkanatur ionized alkaline water in diabetes*.

    Study carried out at the University of Vigo by Dr. Anunciación Lafuente, Professor of Toxicology and Principal Investigator of the group "Analysis of Traces, Speculation, Metalomics and Toxicological Evaluation" of the CITI (Center for Research, Transfer and Innovation), has directed a rigorous preclinical scientific study to demonstrate the healthy properties of Alkanatur water on various biochemical and physiological parameters.

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  • Study on the effects of Alkanatur alkaline water consumption on urinary pH in healthy volunteers.

    Study carried out by Doctor Félix Millán Rodríguez
    Study on the effects of Alkanatur alkaline water consumption on urinary pH in healthy volunteers.

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  • Agreement with ACCU - Association of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Patients of Madrid for the evaluation of the effect of Alkanatur ionized alkaline water to help improve the quality of life in patients suffering from Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

  • Heartburn and Acid Reflux Study by the Voice of New York Institute

    Aimed at investigating the effects of these in vitro studies, it was based on investigating whether artesian well water, which contains natural bicarbonates (pH 8.8), could irreversibly denature (inactivate) human pepsin related to reflux and heartburn problems and establish its potential as a buffer to treat patients with esophageal reflux.

    The conclusions show that naturally alkaline artesian water at pH 8.8 instantly and permanently denatures (inactivates) human pepsin 3b, and also appears to effectively buffer acid (HCl).

    These in vitro data suggest that alkaline water may be a safe and useful adjunctive treatment for reflux disease.

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  • Study on the benefits of alkaline water with a high magnesium contentVP Research Institute by the Education and Nutrition Consulting Center LTDA. Cruzeiro do Sul University, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

    Most studies suggest that consumption of alkalizing foods is associated with reduced bone resorption and inhibition of osteoclast activity.

    Magnesium intake is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and certain types of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Analysis of Spanish bottled and tap waters and the implications of their consumption in urinary lithiasis by the Puigvert Foundation (Urology Service)

    The Puigvert Foundation (Urology Department) explains to us in a pioneering study on lithiasis(stones in the gallbladder or kidney), how this pathology can be prevented and improved with the intake of alkaline water rich in calcium and magnesium, but without sodium

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  • The acidic environment could enhance the harmful effect of viruses and bacteria by the University of Kansas

    A study from the University of Kansas suggests that a low pH in the digestive tract could enhance the damaging effect of viruses and bacteria in our bodies.

    Their findings could have implications for helping to address the crisis of antibiotic resistance against bacterial infections around the world.

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