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Alkanatur Water Pitcher

Alkanatur Pitcher

First Steps and Care

If you have received your Alkanatur Drops Pitcher, when you open it you will see that the box contains the jug, the BPA free bottle and instruction manual. The filter, pH reagent and strips are located inside the pitcher. Remove the lid and remove all the accessories inside. 

Once we have all our components separated, we can begin to prepare it for first use. It is recommended to wash the reservoir and pitcher before starting to use it.

Wash the pitcher with soapy water and a soft sponge . We recommend not using a scouring pad or rough material to avoid scratching the natural plastic.

All the information on how to start using the jug is explained in the instruction manual that you received with the product. 

Filter Activation

Once we rinsed the pitcher, we will proceed to activate the filter, before assembling the jug. 

To activate the filter, we will follow the following steps:

1. Fill the pitcher halfway with water and submerge the filter with the small outlet hole facing up until it stops releasing air bubbles. 

If you do not want to be holding the filter with your hand, you can submerge it and place the green reservoir on top, to prevent the filter from floating. Let it stay submerged for 20 minutes. 

2. Place the filter in the reservoir, with it resting on a stable surface. Do not place the green reservoir into the transparent part of the jug before inserting the filter as it might break.

3. Place the green reservoir under the faucet of your sink and fill it completely with water (you can gently tap the part where the filter is with your hand to speed up the activation process). Let the water in the reservoir filter. Refill it two more times and allow that water to pass through the filter.*

*You can use that water to water the plants. We recommend drinking after the 4th filtering for flavor reasons. 

Quick video on how to activate and assemble the Alkanatur Drops Pitcher:  watch video .

Pitcher Assembly

Once we have the filter activated we can proceed to assemble our pitcher. 

It is recommended to place the tank/reservoir on a stable surface, and insert the filter in it, with the grill facing up and the small hole facing down. Insert the filter into the tank and press so that it fits until the end of where the hole ends, thus leaving the bottom of the reservoir and bottom of the filter at the same level. 

Then, we insert the reservoir with the filter in the pitcher and place the cover and lid.

Quick video on how to activate and assemble the Alkanatur Drops Pitcher : watch video . 

Drinking Water from the Pitcher

The water can be drunk at the right after being filtered.

We recommend drinking it as freshly filtered as possible (greater antioxidant power). 

We recommend changing the water in the jug every 24 hours if left at room temperature, and within 48 hours if it is in the fridge. 

Care and Maintenance

A weekly cleaning  is essential to keep your Alkanatur Drops Pitcher in good condition. 

Steps to follow:

1. Disassemble the jug by removing the cover, lid, and the reservoir. 

2. Remove the filter from the reservoir. The filter should only be rinsed with water. Soap or any other cleaning product should never be used on it, since it can alter the proper functioning of the product. 

3. RInse with a soap and a soft sponge all the parts of the pitcher, reservoir and lid (do not use the rough part of the scourer to avoid scratching your jug). 

4. Rinse all parts well. 

5. Allow to air dry or dry with a cloth gently.

We recommend washing the jug by hand for better care . In case of putting it in the dishwasher, it is recommended to use low temperatures.

In hard water areas,  it is recommended to clean with warm water and vinegar to keep the material of the product in good condition. After removing the filter from the reservoir, fill the transparent pitcher equal parts warm water and vinegar. Leave to soften for a couple of hours or overnight and the next day rinse with soap and water, as specified in step 3.

Replacement Parts

Your Alkanatur Drops Pitcher is an investment for a lifetime. Its materials, certified and 100% free of endocrine disruptors, do not emit any toxins into the water, so you can use the pitcher for many years. 

In the event that  any part of your product breaks  or you simply want to change a part due to wear and tear,  you can request a price for your spare part on our "Contact Us" form of our website

FAQ for Alkanatur Drops Pitcher

How long does the filter last?

The duration of the filter is 400 liters (~105 gal.)  or, 5 months maximum if the amount of filtered has not reached 40 liters. Whichever happens first.

You can estimate its useful life or know that it is exhausted by following any of these three options:

1. Calculate your daily water consumption . Divide the 400 liters of duration between your liters consumed per day. You will estimate the duration of the filter in days. 

For example: daily consumption: 4 liters. 400 liters (filters) between 4 liters of consumption = duration 100 days (3 months).

2. Measurement of chlorine . You can measure the level of chlorine in your filtered water with a chlorine reagent. The chlorine level must be kept below 0.1. 

3. Taste . Your taste buds will identify the taste of chlorine once the filter has worn out and you'll know it's time to change it.

*General filter change average of our clients and Alkanatur recommendation: every 3 months.

How to replace the filter?

The first thing to do when changing the filter is to activate it. For them we follow the following steps, which will be explained in the product's instruction manual. 

1. Fill the pitcher halfway with water and submerge the filter  with the small outlet hole facing up until it releases all the air it may contain.
If you do not want to be holding the filter with your hand, you can submerge it and place the reservoir on top, to prevent the filter from floating, let it stand for 20 minutes. 

2. Place the filter in the reservoir , with it resting on a stable surface and not inside the pitcher to prevent it from breaking when applying force to insert it.

3. Put the reservoir under the tap of your sink and fill it completely with water (you can gently tap the part where the filter is with your hand to speed up the activation process) . Let the water in the tank filter. Refill it two more times and allow that water to pass through the filter completely.* 

*You can use that water to water the plants. We recommend drinking after the 4th filtering for flavor reasons. 

Quick video on how to activate and assemble the Alkanatur Drops Pitcher:  watch video .

What to do with the filter if I am not going to use it for several days?

If you go on vacation, take your Alkanatur Drops Pitcher with you and enjoy purified alkaline water anywhere. 

If you cannot take your pitcher with you and you are going to be  away for more than 3 days, leave the filter in your fridge. You can leave it stored in a taper or container, so that it does not absorb the smell of the rest of the food. 

If you are going to be  away for 7 or more days , remove the Alkanatur Drops filter, let it drain for an hour, wrap it with plastic wrap or a resealable bag and store it in the freezer. When you return, let the filter thaw for a few hours and use it again for the remaining time of its useful life. 

We recommend, once we thaw the filter and put it back in the jug, filter and discar the water once and start drinking water after the second filtering. 

Can I use the Alkanatur Pitcher with mineral water?


By using mineral water, the Alkanatur pitcher alkalizes it, provides it with antioxidants and eliminates the toxins released by the plastic in bottled water.

Can I use the Alkanatur Pitcher with well water?

The Alkanatur Drops Jug is designed and intended for tap water.

Alkanatur equipment is suitable for use with any type of water as long as it is drinkable.

Can black water or carbon specks come out of the filter?

Yes, it's totally normal. 

In your first filtrations or during activation, the water may be tinted gray or black due to the filter material. Our Alkanatur filters are ecological, composed of natural products: 100% natural coconut charcoal and magnesium, and we do not alter the nature of the materials

Coconut charcoal, due to its porous nature or even due to the transport of the material, can release carbon specks to a greater extent, and end up staining the water black. Other times, if its state is more compact, it barely releases dust and the water comes out completely transparent. 

If it happens, usually after filtering water a few times it should be transparent.

Can there be small whitish residue on the walls of the pitcher?

Most of the waters in Spain, and in several other countries around the world have an excess of calcium.

Our filter removes part of this calcium, adds magnesium and leaves the potassium present in the water, leaving these 3 alkaline minerals, that are essential for our health, in a perfect balance and ionized for proper assimilation.

These minerals can dull the walls of the pitcher.

If this happens, remove the filter and fill the pitcher with warm water up to where the remains of calcium are and add a white vinegar or lime juice. 

The residues will become loose in just a few minutes. Rinse the pitcher and you are good to go.

How to clean the white residue from your pitcher:  see video . 

If you live in a hard water area, you also have the option of purchasing  low magnesium emission filters.

Can I use the pitcher to alkalize and ionize tap water, mineral water or water from reverse osmosis?

yes .

Any type of water can be alkalized and ionized.

The advantage with some equipment that already purifies the water, such as reverse osmosis, mineral or distilled, is that our filters last longer.

Where is the Alkanatur Pitcher made?

The Alkanatur Pitcher is 100% made in Spain, Europe

Alkanatur Shower Filter

How to install the Alkanatur Shower filter?

Installation is very simple.

Installation video:  watch video .

The installation process is applicable to both models. 

How and how often should I replace the pre-filter?

The pre-filter must be changed halfway through the useful life of the filter (5/6 months approx.) or if you detect clogging or less pressure.

The pre-filter collects the most solid impurities from the water and protects the filter, located inside, so naturally, it is the first to wear out.

How to clean the shower filter?

If you notice a reduction in pressure in the shower or changes in temperature and you have already changed your pre-filter, follow the steps in the video that we will leave below to clean and unclog the inside of the filter from grit remains or solid elements that can go into the water . 

Filter cleaning:  see video.

What is the black washer that came with my shower filter for?

In the box you will see an extra black washer. The filter already comes with a transparent washer to seal the filter case.The black one is a spare in case the one with the filter breaks, wear out or is lost.

FAQs about different water treatment methods

Main tips before deciding on a method to alkalize water

Before buying a water alkalinization system, ask for a certificate issued by a reputable institution regarding chlorides and sodium emitted by the filter of that system.

We recommend that the filters do not last longer than 6 months due to the high risk of bacterial and microbiological contamination that exists after this time.

In some models of filters, silver is included in the charcoal to try to alleviate this problem. This material has been limited by the FDA and other international organizations for causing possible health risks.

Do alkalizing water drops work?

The alkalizing drop system adds minerals to the water.

People with health problems should be careful when using this alkalizing method since it adds sodium to the water, a contraindicated mineral in many pathologies.

Also, the antioxidant capacity is very weak compared to Alkanatur water.

Do conventional pitchers alkalize and ionize water?

This type of pitchers, due to its ion exchange resin, usually introduce chlorides and sodium into the water.

Generally they tend to be acidic waters, with hardly any antioxidant capacity and with a very poor oxygen supply.

As always, we recommend requesting reports to find out what the pitcher produces and the effects it has on the water to be treated.

About Alkanatur antioxidant alkaline ionized water

What is Alkanatur ionized alkaline water?

Our body pH tends to acidify with diet, stress, pollution, etc.

Alkanatur ionized alkaline water helps balance the body's pH, to a pH between 8.5 and 9.

It also has a great antioxidant* and oxygenating capacity

What does Alkanatur ionized alkaline water do and what benefits does it bring to us?*

  • Purify. Helps remove up to 99.9% of chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. if they were present in tap water. This function is performed thanks to the powerful action of activated coconut charcoal of high purity and absorption.
  • Alkalizes. Normally most waters have a neutral pH (7) or acid (less than 7). Our pitcher provides and with any type of water (tap, mineral, reverse osmosis, distilled) an ideal pH ~9 for drinking, as recommended by experts. This water, together with an alkaline diet, helps us regulate the body's pH.
  • Ionize. This is the most unknown function even for many experts, but the most important for our health. Every day free radicals attack our cells and after a certain age, our natural antioxidant defenses diminish and we need external help. Alkanatur alkaline water, due to its low molecular weight, works by eliminating free radicals. In addition, its patented CAM system (maintained antioxidant capacity) has a bioavailability of 77.7%, compared to 10% of most systems that ionize water. This function allows more antioxidants to reach the affected areas quickly* and in adequate amounts (all of this demonstrated by various scientific studies carried out at several prestigious Spanish universities and prestigious sports centers such as the Reebok Club in Madrid).
  • Oxygen.  The higher the pH of a liquid, the higher its ability to provide oxygen. For example, a conventional soft drink has a pH of 3, so it lacks this quality.
  • Mineralize.  It provides 18 mg/liter of ionized Magnesium, which together with the Calcium and Potassium existing in the water in ionic form, helps to balance our body with these precious ionized alkaline minerals.

Does Alkanatur ionized alkaline water lose its effect after boiling or cooling?

No, Alkanatur ionized alkaline water does not lose its properties when boiled or cooled.

Can I drink Alkanatur water with tea or infusions?


It can be taken with all kinds of infusions, even using cold water, since ionization increases the penetrating power of the water and therefore its dissolution.

Infusions with Alkanatur alkaline water are recommended to purify and cleanse the kidneys (combined with stone-breaking herbs) and liver (with dandelion, artichoke and milk thistle). 

What are different uses of Alkanatur ionized antioxidant alkaline water?

Its use is very varied. In addition to its main function as direct intake, Alkanatur alkaline water can be used in the following cases:

  • To remove agro-toxins from fruit and vegetables. It is advisable to immerse these products in alkaline water for 5 minutes.
  • To cook. Vegetables have a more intense color and foods in general gain flavor.
  • For infusions and coffee. The infusions are also made with cold water.
  • Cosmetics. High moisturizing effect and use as make-up remover.
  • Dental hygiene. Use as a mouthwash (the bacteria that cause cavities and other pathologies only proliferate in acidic environments).

Is the antioxidant capacity the same on all filters in the market?


If we talk about antioxidation, the most important feature is its bioavailability. This means what percentage of this property is assimilated by the human organism.

All the systems we have analyzed barely reach 10% of their effectiveness. Alkanatur has the patented CAM system (Maintained Antioxidant Capacity) whose bioavailability reaches 77.7%, demonstrated by studies carried out at the University of Vigo.

What's the difference between hydrogenated water and Alkanatur alkaline ionized water?

Hydrogen water does not have an alkaline pH.

The antioxidant capacity is common in both, in any case it will depend on its bioavailability capacity.

According to most experts, diseases develop in acidic environments, with little oxygen (hypoxia) and with many free radicals.

Hydrogenated water only fights free radicals while Alkanatur ionized alkaline water fights all of them.

How does alkaline water react when it reaches the stomach?

When we ingest alkaline water we help balance the body's pH. 

In the stomach it normally generates more hydrochloric acid. This hydrochloric acid generates water in addition to bicarbonates. These bicarbonates are incorporated into the bloodstream thus maintaining the alkaline values ​​that our body needs.

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