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Alkanatur & Hypertension: Study

In this preclinical study on arterial hypertension, a significant improvement in vascular response was observed, with no harmful side effects detectable. The results, therefore, are consistent with those obtained in the previous study on tumor development, where an improvement in vasculature was evidenced.

Likewise, a significant reduction in mediators of the inflammatory state was observed in a model of hypertension, which is associated with chronic inflammation. This is important, because in the context of hypertension, vascular disturbance is generally closely linked to the inflammatory state.

There is also a trend towards a reduction in oxidative stress indicators, an observation also consistent with the data derived from the study of tumor development.

All this highlights the importance of water in our diet, for the maintenance of our homeostasis, the balance that allows us to respond adequately to diseases.


Rachel Garcia-Gomez1, Sarah Love2, Gaurangkumar Patel1, Maria De la Fountain Fernandez2, Miriam Granado2,, Mary Monsalve1,*.

1 Biomedical Research Institute “Alberto Sols” (CSIC-UAM). 4 Arthur Duperier Street. 28029-Madrid (Spain).

2 Dept. Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Archbishop Street Morcillo no. 2. 28029-Madrid (Spain).

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