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Potential benefits of Alkaline Water on Tumors (Skin, Lung, Liver)

On September 2021, a study examining the impact of alkaline water on tumors was published by the scientific journal "Archives of Medical Science - Civilization Diseases". This annual publication brings together research carried out by scientific groups from around the world on diseases linked to lifestyle and longevity in industrialized countries.


Material and methods:
The scientists tested the effects of alkaline water on tumor development in mice. To recapitulate early tumor development, mice were fed a high-fat diet and treated for 24 weeks.

Cell proliferation was significantly lower in animals receiving alkaline water, and VEGFR2 staining was higher in the vasculature, suggesting less advanced disease stages. B16-V5 cells were injected subcutaneously or through the tail vein to generate primary tumors or lung metastatic nodules, respectively.

Subcutaneous tumors of mice exposed to alkaline water showed a lower proliferative index and vasculature with a better-preserved intima layer and structure. The number of lung metastatic nodules was lower in mice exposed to filtered water. The vascular effects were tested in a rat model of hypertension (spontaneously hypertensive rat – SHR). Following 12 weeks of alkaline water consumption, the aortic rings had an enhanced vasodilatory response to a nitric oxide donor (nitroprusside – NTP), and several inflammatory markers were reduced in blood and heart tissue.

These results indicate that alkaline water seems to have a protective effect on vascular function, reduces inflammation, and in the context of tumor development, reduces the incidence of metastasis. This is overwhelmingly positive, and will certainly lead to further study.

Study in full can be found here: Evaluation of the potential benefits of alkaline drinking water on tumor development reveals vascular protective effects (termedia.pl)

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