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Simple Steps for a Sustainable, Eco Friendly Home

It doesn't need to be difficult to make your house a sustainable and healthful retreat. You can significantly improve the world and your own well-being by adding a few conscious decisions to your everyday routine. Here are some simple ways to transform your house into a healthier, greener place: use HEPA air filters, filter your water with Alkanatur, stay away from scented detergents, and cut back on scented products.

First, Water

Purchasing a water filtration system, like Alkanatur, offers you the advantages of alkaline water in addition to guaranteeing that your drinking water is free of contaminants. Alkaline water is well known for its ability to improve general health and balance acidity in the body. You can ensure that staying hydrated is more environmentally friendly by lowering your dependency on single-use plastic bottles, which also helps to reduce plastic waste. Also, by bathing in filtered water, you boost the health of your skin, hair, and nails - all while avoiding toxic chlorine fumes.

Air Quality

For a better home atmosphere, indoor air quality must be improved. By effectively capturing dust, pollen, and pet dander, HEPA air filters lower the risk of respiratory problems. The efficiency of these filters is increased with regular maintenance and replacement, giving you and your family clean, filtered air to breathe.

Clean Cleaning

Replace chemical-laden cleaning products and detergents with natural, environmentally acceptable substitutes. To maintain a clean home without sacrificing air quality, try utilizing baking soda, vinegar, or plant-based cleaning supplies. This tiny adjustment reduces the negative effects of harsh chemicals on the environment while also encouraging a healthier living environment. Your hands will also thank you!

Phthalate Free

From candles, to hair products, air fresheners, to laundry detergent, and even toys, scents can often contribute to phthalate overload. Pregnant women and children are often most susceptible to the detrimental effects. These products are known to be harmful to human health. These chemicals, which are used to improve the duration and dispersion of fragrances, have been connected to a number of harmful health impacts. Studies indicate that phthalate exposure is linked to hormonal regulatory disturbances that may affect reproductive and developmental processes. Moreover, inhaling them contributes to indoor air pollution.

Whole Foods

Keeping a well-stocked refrigerator with whole, minimally processed foods promotes a healthy diet and helps cut down on packaging waste from pre-packaged and processed goods. To reduce packaging even more, think about purchasing in bulk. For a lower carbon footprint, select seasonal, locally grown vegetables and fruits.

Ever Green

Adding houseplants to your home not only improves its aesthetic appeal, but also improves the quality of the air it holds by absorbing contaminants. Pothos, spider plants, and snake plants are a few low-maintenance examples of air-purifying plants. Seeing plants can also help relaxation, and assuage anxiety. Watering your plants with filtered water will also help improve their growth and appearance, bringing things full-circle!


Making deliberate decisions is the first step toward a healthier home. You're doing more than simply redesigning your living area when you adopt a conscious and sustainable approach; you're actively contributing to the shift toward a more sustainable and healthful future for your family, and for the planet.


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