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Yum - Chlorine! Who wants to drink disinfectant?

Let's face it, folks: hydration is important. Glowing skin, oodles of energy, and even a more positive outlook are some of the benefits of being adequately hydrated. And we're not the only ones that thrive with proper watering - don't forget about pets and plants.

We are basically glorified houseplants - we're about 60% water, need sunshine to stay healthy, and also languish when neglected. Regular tap water is comparable to buying the cheapest gasoline for your car - it will get you where you need to go, but it might cause more wear on your vehicle, leading it to wear out sooner. Thanks to chlorine, it's got that fresh-from-the-pool smell, which is great for keeping things sanitary, but not so great for our delicate insides.

Chlorine can irritate some people's stomachs, and it's not exactly a spa day for your potted orchids, either. Those lovely brown crispy tips on your leaves? Chlorine may well be the culprit. Outdoor plants tend to be happier with rainwater, which is naturally free of chlorine and other chemicals.

So, what's a thirsty houseplant (or human) to do? Ensure your water at home is pure - and the easiest way of doing this is investing in a filter like Alkanatur. Using a water pitcher in the kitchen, and a shower filter for your bathroom dramatically cuts the amount of chlorine that you're exposed to on a regular basis. It removes the chlorine and other contaminants like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, fluoride, nitrates, and more, leaving you with clean, delicious water that your body (and every living thing in your home) will thank you for.

So, ditch the harsh tap water and level up your hydration game. Remember, we're all just complicated houseplants, and happy plants make a happy home!

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