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Cooking With Ionized Alkaline Water And Its Advantages


Cooking with alkaline water:

Today I would like to talk about the different uses of ionized alkaline water, in addition to drinking it directly, we can give other uses in the kitchen that will make our meals tastier.

Starting with washing our fruits and vegetables. The alkaline ionized water manages to remove the agro toxins present in these foods. The pesticides used in the cultivation of these foods have an oily texture to avoid being removed by rain. Tap water sometimes does not remove these chemicals completely, however, alkaline water does. Washing vegetables and fruits in alkaline water will enhance its flavour. As for the meat, if we put it in alkaline water before cooking it, we will get a much more tender texture when we cook it. The same goes for fish, alkaline water will eliminate the strong smell and give a better flavour.

There are other foods, such as chia and most of the seeds and nuts that need to be soaked before consuming them, if this is done with ionized alkaline water we will get a better texture and flavour. Many grains and cereals, as well as some legumes, naturally contain anti-nutrients and inhibitors of digestive enzymes, these substances can be neutralized by leaving them to soak for a few hours, if it is done with alkaline water, it will increase the nutrient levels.

As for cooking, the alkaline water molecules are smaller and transfer heat more quickly, as a result this kind of water takes half the time to boil than tap water and allows food to be cooked in shorter times.

On the other hand, the food absorbs alkaline ionized water more easily, which improves the natural flavor and texture of the food, the taste is much better and it will not require too many condiments. This is mainly because alkaline water does not decompose food as water with a higher acid ph does.Therefore, it will maximize the taste, texture and visual appearance of the food.

By cooking the vegetables in ionized alkaline water it will enrich their flavor, eliminating the bitterness of the vegetable and bringing out its natural color. In addition, the use of alkaline water in our meals helps retain the vitamins and minerals that are normally lost through cooking.

Let’s remember:

• Wash fruits, vegetables and legumes in alkaline water to remove agro toxins more easily.

• Cooking with alkaline water instead of tap water will potentiate the flavour of our meals, reduce cooking times and we will be using alkaline minerals that are beneficial to our body. In addition, we will discard all substances present in tap water that can be harmful to our health …

In summary, alkaline water will allow us to get richer and healthier menus.

Are you cooking with ionized alkaline water? If not, you still have time to do it!


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