"Alkaline water helps us correct the body's altered physiology" - Dr. Elizabeth Hubach - Alkanatur North America

"Alkaline water helps us correct the body's altered physiology" - Dr. Elizabeth Hubach

After facing a personal illness, Dr. Hubach switched from the world of traditional medicine to biological medicine, where she discovered the importance of water as a primary factor in regulating the proper functioning of the body. "We help ourselves with the intake of sufficient fluids to reach an internal and external balance. With quality water, preferably alkaline, we can get all the excess acidity out of the body," she says.

Neonatologist and pediatrician Dr. Hubach trained at the western campus of the San Juan de Dios Hospital. She worked for more than 20 years assisting at the campus, and dedicating herself to traditional medicine. Then, due to a personal illness she changed her field to biological medicine.

"I switched to complementary medicine. I dedicated myself to studying abroad, in Germany, Spain, and in many places around the world, to learn more. I am now dedicated to biological medicine, to the bioregulation of the body," explains Dr. Hubach.

Elizabeth practices at her own facility, Los Alerces Medical Center, located in La Florida, Chile. From there, she carries out different treatments and therapies to boost the immune system and the health of her patients.

Within her area of expertise, she has used water for the function of biologically regulating the body. "It is important to hydrate - hopefully more people are aware of, and can take advantage of good quality, filtered water, such as Alkanatur's," she says.

Proper hydration, complemented by a conscious and healthy diet, physical activity, and good sleep, are the most fundamental bases for improving people's health. These will help everyone, and should always be prioritzed.

"With orthomolecular medicine, we correct the altered physiology of the body and help ourselves with the intake of sufficient fluids, to reach an internal and external balance," says the expert in complementary medicine.

How does drinking alkaline water benefit your health?

 Hydration should be at least 1 to 2 liters a day. For this we need a healthy liquid, not drinks, coffee, or infusions that alter the nervous system. That is why alkaline water is the best option, because we achieve an alkaline internal environment, where we manage to remove the acidity from the body so that we do not produce free radicals.

What are free radicals and how do they affect us?

They are oxygen and nitrogen peroxides, which did not join with water to be removed. Then they go to the inflamed tissues and transform them into more serious and more inflammatory pathological processes.

How can disease be prevented through proper hydration?

Water is necessary, because our body has a very large percentage of water and that water is needed to clean things up, for the correct balance of acid-base, for the correct diffusion and ionization of the cell membrane. So we're always going to need water. Hopefully it's alkaline, so our body needs to work less hard.

 When treating your patients, do you work with water?

I work with water, of course. Water is part of life. Without water we cannot live. It is important that it is filtered or ionized water, because it also removes the calcium detritus that tap water has. If you boil water in a kettle, many times white particles appear at the bottom - these are calcium deposits.

Why is it important to filter water in certain regions?

Water filtration is important, because of many factors. In places with mountain water, it is water that usually comes with heavy metals. In other locales, pipes can be very old, or harbour unknown contaminants and pathogens.

You don't know how long the water can be stagnant in reservoirs. And, of course, bottled water typically contains microplastics.

Dr. Elizabeth Hubach, a renowned pediatrician, who has positioned and promoted Biological Medicine in Chile as an alternative and complement to traditional medicine, invites people to participate in a healthier life. She recommends Alkanatur wholeheartedly, since hydration is one of the most important factors in boosting the body's healing and strengthening the immune system. "If the body is healthy, the mind is healthy. That way, you can enjoy your life the most," she adds.

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