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Om Water

OmWater Gratitude Bottle

OmWater Gratitude Bottle

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Combining the Golden Ratio (a structure found in nature), the Om symbol (the sound of creation), the Color Blue to solarize the water, the Seed of Life revitalizing from the bottom, and the power of Gratitude, the bottle is designed to raise the vibration of water and of those who use it.

Gratitude Bottle

The daily use of our Gratitude Bottle enables us to merge with that vibration of gratitude as well as connect with others and our environment. It is an invitation to use the daily act of drinking water as an opportunity to enhance a sense of gratitude for all that life is giving us. Our Bottle promotes a global well-being that is benefiting us in our daily lives and opens us to joyfully receive the wonders that life has to offer.

Water has memory and is being codified as it circulates freely around the planet. The OmWater Gratitude bottle is intended to revitalize the water that passes through our body, incorporating positive frequencies into its life cycle, thus blessing the planet with our gratitude.

OmWater Gratitude adds to the power of your intentions the powerful vibration of the symbols embossed on its surface, as well as being designed using proportions based on sacred geometry.

All OmWater Gratitude bottles are made entirely in Spain with 100% recycled glass following traditional methods that do not pollute the environment.

Om Water Gratitude includes:

  • Om-Water Gratitude bottle 1.23L
  • Cork stopper
  • Printed cotton bag
  • Explanation card, plus sticker to add personalized intention for the water in the bottle.

Om Water Flying Gratitude includes:

  • Om-Water Gratitude bottle 1.23L
  • Pleyad watertight cap (beach wood and silicone)
  • Printed hemp/cotton bag
  • Explanation card, plus sticker to add personalized intention for the water in the bottle.

Om Water Mini (here)

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OM Symbol

Om, The sacred syllable, I am Bliss, Existence and Consciousness.

The sound of Creation.

Golden Ratio

Designed entirely using the Golden Ratio.

Seed of life

The seed of life, revitalizing the water with the geometry of life.

Color to solarize

The blue solarization of water is beneficial for the personal and collective evolution that is currently taking place.

Go ahead an put your water in the sun to fill it with energy.


The transformative power of gratitude. Through gratitude the spiritual dimension of life and abundance opens.

100% recycled glass

We consider that love and respect for the planet is fundamental since we are all One.