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Blood Alkalinity


(Decrease of the alkalinity in the blood, which only means disease) is a big social problem in recent years, being the CAUSE of more than 98% of diseases. The consumerist system never tells the truth and people are bombarded by all the TV, radio, etc. advertising that is deceptive and only has a greed purpose in its objectives.

We have products (wrongly called foods) such as meats from all kinds of animals and derived products such as milk, eggs, etc. gas (called in other countries like sodas), agrochemicals (such as pesticides, fungicides, pesticides, which are contrary to the natural-ORGANIC-CAMPESINO culture BENDITO), “food” and preservatives additives, enhancers flavor as monosodium glutomate that it comes in flavor cubes, cooked “foods”, etc., they all form an explosive cocktail that, unfortunately daily, people ingest from their childhood, conditioned to eat so much garbage by this decadent system.

All products derived from animals and animals as such, are complete acidifiers of the blood, which is the culture for countless diseases to make their appearance after 40 years in people. Before the 40's the power of life to eliminate toxic and acidifying waste makes it relatively easy to maintain good health despite eating blood acidifying products such as meats and animal derivatives.

The solution to the ills of blood acidification are the fruits that constitute the healthiest food for the body, along with nuts and vegetables. Fruits are powerful not only because of their essential vitamin and mineral content but also because of their powerful function of alkalizing the blood, which is the natural state of the blood.

Food classification

What people eat are of two kinds: we will not call food acidifiers as animal products since these products are ANTI NATURAL to our cells producing metabolic stress and acidity in the blood, so we do not call it food and alkalizing FOOD which are natural to our cells, do not produce metabolic stress and keep the blood in its natural alkaline state.

The elements of nature have different degrees of acidity or alkalinity. Pure water, which is neutral, has a pH of 7.07. Basically all fruits and vegetables are alkalizing. Although the fruit has a low pH (acid), we must avoid widespread confusion: the chemical reaction of a food is not the same on the tongue as in the body in the blood.

When the food is metabolized, it can generate a totally different reaction to its original characteristic. This is the case of the lemon that has an acidic pH, but once inside the organism it causes an alkaline reaction, which is why the lemon juice remedy is known for heartburn when dangerous things are consumed as animal products or created by the system industry.

The 60 trillion cells that make up our body, need to feed, eliminate waste and constantly renew. In this sense, the blood fulfills two vital functions: to take to all the cells the nutritious materials that they need and to remove from them the toxic and acid residues that are produced as a result of the transformation of said nutrients (metabolism).

Ph in the blood

To adequately fulfill this task (and for other natural-organic reasons) the blood must maintain a slight level of alkalinity. In a healthy person the pH of the blood (lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.) is between 7.40 and 7.45.

When the levels of acidity are raised, the blood tries to reestablish the ALKALINITY with the contribution of bases (alkalis) that neutralize the acids, that if it does not come from the fruits it will steal calcium ions from bones and teeth. Therefore, to obtain a healthy cellular metabolism, it is necessary that together with oxygen, the blood has a constant flow of substances of an alkaline nature, in order to be able to neutralize acids, such as fruits and any food that comes from a plant or from a Mother Arbolita

An acid environment

Already knowing that the blood gets these bases of real foods such as fruits and vegetables, and if not then it will resort to the alkaline reserve in bones, teeth, tissues and humors. In this way the blood to maintain the basicity-alkalinity body balance chooses to extract basic ions from the natural-organic structure, and thus restore the vital acid-base balance.

So then, the decalcification and demineralization mechanism is started. Bones (which yield calcium in the form of alkaline salts) become brittle, decay appears, white spots on the nails (which become brittle), osteoporosis, mucosal injury, dry skin, blood anemia, weakness, digestive problems , respiratory tract conditions, cold sensation, etc.

The people who are frutarians are those who maintain their ALKALINE state and that is the reason why they live so healthy that by the standards of the malignant system it is something incredible, but for those of us who know what real food is, it is common to live HEALTHY for more of 110 years with fruits and vegetables!

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