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Chia Seeds And Their Benefits


Chia seeds are native to Mexico, and the Mayan and Aztec cultures consumed them as a very energetic superfood and also have nutritional benefits, as they are one of the foods richest in omega 3 fatty acids, one of the vegetable sources with more omega 3 without a doubt. Chia is a word of Mayan origin, belonging to the mint family, which means strength, in addition to its essential fatty acids are full of vitamins, minerals that help our body fight fats and provide us many benefits. For celiacs, comment that they do not contain gluten. Its flavor is soft remembering of nuts.

It is a balanced source of fatty acids: Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega 9, contain proteins, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and are good sources of iron, calcium and potassium; as well as magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc.


Chia oil is perfect for those who are looking for a source of omega fatty acids, essential for health and well-being, not from fish. A laboratory analysis indicates that it is possible that chia oil has a higher concentration of essential fats than flaxseed oil, usually considered the best vegetable source of Omega-3 fatty acids. The seeds contain a high amount of fiber, approximately 3 grams per tablespoon of seeds; they contain all the essential amino acids, with the exception of taurine, and they have twice as much protein as the rest of the seeds.

Chia seeds have the excellent ability to accelerate metabolism, and with it, burn fats located in the waist and abdomen. In addition we have to add his great contribution in calcium, which helps us to digest the fats that we have consumed during the day.

Chia helps us in particular to obtain a flat stomach. La Chia is also an excellent regulator of the intestine, due to its richness in mucilage. It has a high fiber content regulating the lazy intestine. But yes, it is essential that we drink 2 liters of water a day.

Chia seeds help us fight anxiety, it is a very effective relaxant and recommended by nutritionists for stress and anxiety.

Chia seeds in water

They have great hydrophilic properties, meaning they have affinity with water, so they help regulate the electrolyte balance and keep the body well hydrated; Chia seeds can absorb up to twelve times their weight in water, which helps us to be more hydrated.

If the chia seeds are added to the water, a gel is created that slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and their conversion into sugar, which helps regulate blood sugar and clean the digestive tract, providing a feeling of fullness that can Help lose weight. Ideal for people with diabetes. These seeds are digested more slowly than other carbohydrates, which is why they are beneficial for diabetics, because they help regulate blood sugar levels.

In athletes, Chia seeds are beneficial, because they help increase energy levels, and keep the athlete hydrated for long periods; improving the resistance.

Chia is one of these seeds that are worth to us for everything. It is a source of antioxidants for its richness in phenolic acids and isoflavones, indicated in colon cancer, joint problems, skin, osteoporosis for its richness not only in calcium but in manganese, it is this richness in manganese which makes it very interesting for thyroid problems because it participates in the synthesis of thyroxine, the main thyroid hormone, ideal for rejuvenation treatments or antiaging diets … In short, a superfood, which we must include in the diet without any doubt. Allowed for all our patients without exception.

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