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Choosing The Best Water Filter - Take Notes

Hydration is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so the importance of clean and pure water cannot be overstated. Water pitchers have become a popular and easy choice for households seeking a quick and cost-effective way of ensuring quality drinking water for their families. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of Alkanatur water pitchers and compare them to two other well-known brands, Brita and Santevia.


Alkanatur Water Pitchers: A Fountain of Wellness

Alkanatur water pitchers stand out as a beacon of innovation in the world of water filtration. What sets us apart is the unique advantage that ionization offers: Antioxidant capacity. Alkaline water itself offers numerous health benefits, including improved hydration, neutralization of acid in the body, and stronger bones. Alkanatur water pitchers not only filter out impurities but also infuse the water with essential minerals, such as magnesium. Since our water is mineralized, alkalized, and ionized, it becomes an antioxidant. Antioxidants help the body fight off disease-causing free radicals, and contribute to a stronger immune system.

Brita: The Basic Choice

Brita has long been a household name when it comes to water filtration. Known for their reliability and ease of use, Brita pitchers utilize activated carbon filters to remove some impurities and improve the taste of tap water. While Brita filters are effective at reducing chlorine, they do not alter the pH level of the water. Brita offers fewer benefits, so it naturally comes at a lower price point, in relation to more robust filteration systems.

Santevia: Balancing Act for Your Body

Santevia water pitchers take a holistic approach to water filtration by incorporating a multi-stage filter system. Similar to Alkanatur, these pitchers aim to enhance water quality by adding beneficial minerals and raising the pH level. The mineralization process in Santevia filters contributes to improved taste and health benefits. Santevia's products are good quality, but they lack the ionization, and thus the antioxidants that Alkanatur products offer.

Alkanatur's Edge

While both Brita and Santevia offer reliable filtration, Alkanatur's focus on Antioxidants sets it apart. Other filters that ionize usually cost thousands of dollars, and are part of complex whole-house filtration systems. Alkanatur allows these benefits to be accessible to everyone at a fair price. We believe that clean, natural water is a basic human right.


In the quest for the best water filter, Alkanatur water pitchers emerge as a compelling contender. Ultimately, the right choice depends on individual priorities and preferences. Whether you opt for a basic Brita, an alkaline Santevia, or the extra benefits of Alkanatur, the common goal remains — ensuring access to clean, refreshing, and healthy drinking water for you and your loved ones.

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