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Fight body toxins by drinking quality water


By Sophia Gildemeister, Director of the Center for Integrative Nutrition in Chile

Today, more than ever we are constantly exposed to environmental toxins, which most of the time, we cannot avoid. It is difficult to identify what kind of toxins are, but they are present in many things, such as: plastics, pesticides, unfiltered water residues, and in general, in places that we cannot see or measure.

We must help our body to avoid these toxins, as well as to get rid of them. When our body has an excess of toxins, it can develop inflammation.

Inflammation is a physiological response of our body. This is when the immune system and the body’s defense system intervene, to eliminate foreign invaders or to repair damaged tissues. In simple words, inflammation is a defense response of the body when something is wrong.

This is known as “oxidative stress”. Oxidative stress means that there are many free radicals circulating in our body.

Free radicals appear due to chemical changes that occur in a cell. These often accumulate in cells and damage other molecules. Therefore, they can cause a disease.

One way to combat these toxins and diseases is by balancing our pH. This is the alkaline acid balance in every substance, which gives us health and well-being. The pH is directly related to the immune system, which is why we have to take care of keeping our body at a neutral pH.

So, when our immune system comes into balance with an optimal pH, with a reduced toxin load, it is very unlikely that we can develop inflammation and cause damage to cells, tissues, and organs.

Among the elements that can detoxify the body is water, but as long as this water is properly treated. We need to consume good quality water: filtered, mineralized and magnetized.

The Alkanatur pitcher is an excellent alternative to consuming quality water, since its filter alkalinizes the water, helping the body to leave the acidic state, achieving more alkaline pH levels.

Avoid drinking tap water, drums or buying bottled water in supermarkets, since we do not know if they had the correct treatment. Therefore, I recommend to my patients that the best way to hydrate is by drinking good quality water, mainly alkaline.

Alkanatur is committed to solving this problem, offering the best water on the market. Its pitcher is certified by various prestigious institutions such as the Ceramics Institute of Galicia, the University of Santiago de Compostela, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, among others.

Drinking alkaline water has multiple benefits, in addition to having great antioxidant power that fights free radicals, it is the best source of hydration that we can choose. It encourages our body to discard waste, oxygenating the cells and neutralizing the levels of acidity in our body, improving our health and also our quality of life.

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