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Prettier in Pink: Limited Edition Solidarity Pitcher

Our exceptional pitcher is also available in trendy pink! If you thought you had to settle for blue, teal, or white - think again. Our beautiful pink pitcher can be a statement piece in your kitchen. Crafted from the same BPA free plastic, this version performs just as well as our original Alkanatur jug. It alkalizes, ionizes, and mineralizes, leaving you with refreshing, antioxidant-rich water.

If you have a Barbie girl who's off to college, or just can't get enough of the color pink yourself, this is the pitcher for you. Best of all, part of the proceeds (5% from each sale) go towards funding breast cancer research, in solidarity with women worldwide. 

So go ahead and filter 400 liters water, and clear it of contaminants like chlorine, fluorides, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals, excess calcium, and more. This is possible thanks to our patented, premium quality coconut charcoal filter.

Best of all, our water tastes delicious! While adding high-quality magnesium (18mg / L), Alkanatur retains potassium in your drinking water and removes excess calcium resulting in a balanced, fresh, pure water.

If pink is your color, this is the sure way to encourage you to keep hydrated. Available for a limited time - get yours today!


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