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Taking Better Care in the New Year

As we enter the new year, it's important to remember that sustainable changes happen when we take things slow. Trying to do too much, all at once, is a recipe for disappointment. Instead, why not implement a handful of positive new routines that can enhance your quality of life?


Upgrading your drinking and bathing water can be a simple starting point. By removing contaminants, you can help protect the health of your family. Select a water filtration system, whether one for the whole house, or a pitcher and shower filter, that performs above average. Brands with scientific backing, like Alkanatur, offer peace of mind, and come at a very affordable price point.

Vowing to eat more vegetables, legumes, and whole foods is another step in the right direction. It can be as easy as adding an extra serving of veggies in the form of frozen mixes, adding a can of beans to a pot of chili, or choosing to drink some tomato juice instead of something fruitier. Best of all, this needn't interfere with enjoying your favourite foods. Think of these small changes as being supplementary to your diet, versus an overhaul.

Air quality is something that can often be overlooked. Choosing to avoid scented products, Teflon pans, and investing in a HEPA filter can drastically improve one of our biggest factors when it comes to our health. Candles, laundry detergent, and countless bath and beauty products are oversaturated with dangerous scents, which can be endocrine disruptors. Making your home a little bit greener is as easy as eliminating at least a few of these products.

Choosing natural materials for your clothing is another, less obvious change. Synthetic fibres are not breathable, irritating to the skin, and contribute to microplastics being released into our water systems, every time they go through the washing machine. Choosing cotton, linen, and wool can make a world of difference to your wellbeing.


Slow and simple wins the race, so no matter which of these options strike your fancy, remember that life is a marathon. If you take an extra walk once a week, or remember to upgrade your basic shopping list to include some spinach and lentils, it's better than doing nothing at all. Everyone starts life with their first step!


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