Taking Care of Your Hair

Taking Care of Your Hair

Most people don't realize that the quality of their shower water is a determining factor for the good appearance and health of your hair and skin. The dermis and hair absorb chlorine, heavy metals such as nickel or copper, and other toxins that come out of your shower head. Not to mention, your lungs can also be affected by the vapour!

Ask yourself: How much time and money do you invest in taking care of your skin and your hair? Moisturizers, serums, shampoo, conditioner, masks, oils, heat protector, vitamins - the list goes on and on! Yet you continue bathing daily with chlorine, trihalomethanes, heavy metals and other toxins.

Chlorine and Trihalomethanes

Chlorine and trihalomethanes that we absorb in the shower considerably damage and dry out our skin, our hair, nails, and even impact our intestinal flora.

The heat and steam opens the pores, causing a high rate of absorption of chlorine and other chemicals by the skin, hair, and nails.

They also oxidize the hair, causing the colors to wear out sooner, losing color and shine. Alkanatur Shower Filter 2.0 removes 99% of the chlorine and impurities from your water.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals carried by pipes such as lead, cadmium or nickel are absorbed by our hair and also reach our bloodstream without any type of filter through our skin.

These can accumulate inside the hair fibers. 

According to several studies carried out by L'Oréal, a renowned brand with more than one hundred and ten years of experience and a world leader in hair care and cosmetic products, it showed that 17% of French people and 8% of Danes and Germans would have more than 50 ppm. of metals embedded in their hair fibers.

Excess Lime

Excess minerals in water cause what we commonly know as limescale. These clog the aperture of the follicle, causing it to detach and if fully covered, it blocks its growth. It also blocks the cuticle, preventing it from opening and allowing the shampoo, conditioner, etc. to penetrate well. Lime also causes dandruff and accumulates in the hair making it dry and heavy.

It is important to reduce this excess, but always in an ecological way. Most filters on the market eliminate this limescale by adding ion exchange resin beads, like synthetic gel spheres derived from petroleum (benzene and styrene) that exchange particular ions for other ions. These resins are toxic. Furthermore, the heat and steam from the shower causes the pores to open and they absorb up to 20 times more substances than when cold, so the toxicity of these resins multiplies dramatically. 

Alkanatur's Shower Filter 2.0 helps remove excess limescale thanks to its 0.04 micron pre-filter.

Sometimes it's not so much what you add, but what you remove.

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