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What Is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon or activated charcoal is a substance of plant origin that has the property of absorbing chemicals, gases, heavy metals, proteins, wastes and toxins, being a great ally for detoxification. The first records in which we have evidence of the benefits of activated charcoal and its use as a therapeutic or natural remedy date back to 1,550 years BC.

Under an electron microscope, the structure of activated carbon is shown with a large number of nooks and crannies. At lower levels are areas where there are small graphite-like flat surfaces, separated by only a few nanometers, forming micropores. These micropores provide the conditions for the adsorption process to take place.

Benefits and uses of activated carbon

Due to its absorbent and purifying properties, active carbon has innumerable uses. Here we highlight some of the most common in which this wonderful ally for health is used:

1. NATURAL ANTIDOTE, absorbs toxins in cases of poisoning (used in both humans and pets)

2. PURIFIES WATER AND AIR, are commonly used in the purification of air, water and gases, removes vapors of oil, flavors, odors and other hydrocarbons from the air and compressed gases.


4. DIGESTIVE DETOXIFICATION, reduces pesticides in food, chemicals in water and mold.

5. WHITENING DENTAL, if you brush your teeth with it at least 2-3 times a week.

6. CLEANS AND CLEANSES SKIN, used together with essential oils forms a mask for facial cleansing or body exfoliation helping to expel toxins and dirt from the skin.
7. ANTI-AGING, helps prevent cell damage in the kidneys and liver. It supports the main cleaning organs, thus assisting the body to eliminate toxins and chemicals that cause damage.


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