Solarizing Water to Harness the Sun's Power

Solarizing Water to Harness the Sun's Power

Water is indisputably the essence of life, which is critical to all living beings, and the sun is collectively our main source of energy. It stands to reason that in tandem, they can help us heal. In a 2005 study, scientists proved that, "solar irradiation to water entraps electromagnetic radiation as potential energy, which becomes kinetic energy in various systems"*. The study researched water after exposure to sunlight, and compared the results of using different coloured bottles.

What is Solarized Water?

Solarized water is simply water that has been exposed to sunlight for an extended period. This natural process harnesses the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays to purify the water, improve taste, and enhance it on a spiritual and energetic level. 

Why Blue Bottles?

Blue solarization, in particular, is beneficial for our personal and collective evolution. At our most evolved, we feel pure gratitude, and it is this gratitude that opens the spiritual dimension of life and abundance.

In simple terms, sunlight interacts with specific wavelengths for optimal water purification. Blue glass bottles, like those crafted by Om Water, allow the transmission of these beneficial wavelengths. This creates a natural environment for purification to occur within the water.

Additionally, from a purely scientific viewpoint, the aforementioned study also found that blue abolished the hatching of mosquito larvae. This might become a valuable resource in third world countries with sanitation issues.

Benefits of Solarized Water:

    • Purification: Sunlight can deactivate some harmful microbes within the water. According to the study, "Placing bottled [coloured] water in sunlight for a minimum of 5 hrs and up to a maximum of 48 hrs has been scientifically shown to detoxify and decontaminate water infected with bacteria and viruses".*
    • Improved Taste: Solarization helps enhance the water with a fresher flavor profile
    • Extended Shelf Life: Sunlight exposure extends the shelf life of the water, keeping it safer to drink for longer

Alkanatur & Om Water: The Perfect Partners for Solarization

Alkanatur water bottles are specifically designed with 100% recycled, high-quality glass construction. They are marked with the Om symbol (which is the sound of creation), and designed by the Golden Ratio (a structure found in nature). The bottom of the bottle features the Seed of Life design, which additionally revitalizes the water with the geometry of life.

Solarizing Your Water:

Simply fill your Om bottle with Alkanatur's alkaline water and place it in direct sunlight for several hours (ideally, 5 or more). Be sure the sunlight is direct and not filtered through a window. After solarization, enjoy your purified and enhanced water!



*Study Cited: Evidence for Alteration in Chemical and Physical Properties of Water and Modulation of its Biological Functions by Sunlight Transmitted through Color Ranges of the Visible Spectrum-A Novel Study - PMC (

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