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Filtre de douche Alkanatur 2.0 (50 000 L / 13 200 gal)

Filtre de douche Alkanatur 2.0 (50 000 L / 13 200 gal)

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Filtre de douche Alkanatur 2.0

C'est la nouvelle version du filtre de douche Alkanatur. Cette version permet de remplacer facilement le filtre ou le pré-filtre sans jeter et remplacer l'ensemble de l'unité. Capable de filtrer 50 000 litres ~ 13 200 gallons, soit 65 % de plus que la version précédente.
  • Le seul filtre de douche qui n'utilise pas de sulfite de calcium,  dont il a été prouvé qu'il affecte votre santé lorsqu'il est absorbé par la peau ou les poumons (par vapeur)
  • 100% sans sulfite de calcium, certifié par CACTI
  • Élimine 99% du chlore de l'eau
  • Filtrer 50 000 litres ~13 200 gallons (équivalent à ~12 mois)
  • Comprend un réactif de chlore pour tester le chlore dans l'eau
  • Système de triple filtration
  • Alkanatur est la seule entreprise à fabriquer des filtres de douche qui ne contiennent pas d'additif E226 ni de sulfite de calcium.
    • Le niveau de toxicité du sulfite de calcium est considérablement élevé et peut être nocif pour la santé.
  • Élimine le chlore jusqu'à 99 % .
  • Élimine les métaux lourds, les pesticides, le calcium, les nitrates et bien d'autres encore !
  • Il améliore les cheveux, la peau et les ongles. Vous sentirez la différence après quelques douches
  • Durée de vie du filtre : 50 000 litres. Remplacer tous les 10 à 12 mois
  • Comprend un réactif au chlore pour tester la teneur en chlore dans l'eau
  • Préparé pour différents types d'installation
  • Le filtre interne et le pré-filtre peuvent être changés sans avoir à changer le produit complet
  • Nous assurons également une garantie de satisfaction pendant 30 jours (lire notre politique)

Contenu du coffret:

  • Coque de filtre de douche
  • Filtre de douche 2.0
  • Pré-filtre (2) - Remplacer tous les 6 mois
  • Réactif chlore
  • Guide d'instructions
  • Outil d'assemblage
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Recommended by specialists

The quality of the water we drink and bathe with affects the cellular functioning of skin and hair. This is because water can contain more salts, which is called hard water, as well as other contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, trihalomethane, and more. For this reason, I always recommend studying the quality of the water in your area and, if possible, using filters that have proven effective in removing all this waste, such as Alkanatur brand shower and drinking filters.

Dr Claudia Bernárdez - Doctor specializing in dermatology. She is an expert in trichology: diagnosis (clinical and trichoscopy) and treatment of alopecia, in hair anti-aging and hair transplant.

Alkanatur water has an important effect at the inflammatory, antioxidant, vascular level and on the intestinal microbiome. All of this together is key to improving the body in general and, of course, to help improve skin and hair.

Dr María Monsalve - Molecular Biologist and Scientific Researcher CSIC - Autonomous University of Madrid

  • Maria Martinez / Influencer @dmariamartinez

    The Alkanatur shower filter has been an improvement for my skin and hair. Since I've been using it I've shed a lot less. We are not aware of the importance of a shower filter to improve water quality and eliminate impurities from it. To me it has worked. I recommend it.

  • Marta Verges / Dietitian, chef and writer

    My experience with the Alkanatur shower filter is surprisingly satisfactory. After the shower I always had a feeling of tightness, lack of protection and a matte appearance on my skin and hair. I've had the filter for a few months now, but from the first day I noticed the change. The look and feel of my skin and hair have improved greatly, as has the peace of mind of reducing my body's absorption of chlorine.

  • Andrea del Val / Influencer @almadelcaribe

    For me, a good diet is not enough to have healthy skin and hair. The Alkanatur Shower Filter plays a super important role in my health care. Since using it my hair looks shinier, softer and healthier. I am simply delighted. It is also super easy to adapt to the shower and super economical. It is definitely a "must have" in my home.

  • Andrea Lage / Content Media Producer @andrealenovo

    They always ask me about my hair: how I take care of it, what type of products I use... But the answer is simpler than all that: we are not aware that water is full of toxins such as chlorine and heavy metals that damage our scalp and hair. Thanks to the Alkanatur Shower Filter my hair breathes, it frizzes less and the sensation is like washing your hair in a spring. When you try it you know you won't be able to put it down.

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Take care of your hair, skin and body

Step 1: Hair

Chlorine and toxins present in shower water cause dryness and breakage of our hair.

Shower water is a determining factor for the good appearance, shine and health of your hair and skin. The dermis and hair absorb chlorine, heavy metals such as nickel or copper and other toxins that come out of your shower head. 

Ask yourself: How much time and money do you invest in taking care of your skin and especially your hair? The moisturizer for the body, the shampoo for the hair, better without sulfates or silicones, conditioner, mask, oil, heat protector, anti-hair loss treatments, vitamins... An infinite amount of care, yes, but you continue washing hair with chlorine, trihalomethanes, heavy metals and other toxins.

Sometimes it's not so much what you add, but what you remove.

  • This is what healthy hear looks like

  • This is what damaged hair looks like

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Chlorine and Trihalomethanes

Chlorine and trihalomethanes that we absorb in the shower considerably damage and dry out our skin, our hair and our intestinal flora.

The heat and steam opens the pores, causing a high rate of absorption of chlorine and other chemicals by the skin and hair.

They also oxidize the hair, causing the colors to wear out sooner, losing color and shine.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals carried by pipes such as lead, cadmium or nickel are absorbed by our hair and also reach our bloodstream without any type of filter through our skin.

These accumulate inside the hair fibers. 

According to several studies carried out by L'Oréal, a renowned brand with more than one hundred and ten years of experience and a world leader in hair care and cosmetic products, it showed that 17% of French people and 8% of Danes and Germans would have more than 50 ppm. of metals embedded in their hair fibers.

Excess Lime

Some minerals, such as calcium, copper and iron, can affect our hair if they accumulate for a long time. Excess minerals in water cause what we commonly know as limescale. These clog the aperture of the follicle, causing it to detach and if fully covered, it blocks its growth. It also blocks the cuticle, preventing it from opening and allowing the coloring, conditioner, protein to penetrate well... Lime also causes dandruff and accumulates in the hair making it dry and heavy.

It is important to reduce this excess, but always in an ecological way. Most filters on the market eliminate this limescale by adding ion exchange resin beads, like synthetic gel spheres derived from petroleum (benzene and styrene) that exchange particular ions for other ions. These resins are toxic. Furthermore, the heat and steam from the shower causes the pores to open and they absorb up to 20 times more substances than when cold, so the toxicity of these resins would multiply dramatically. 

Our shower filter helps remove excess limescale thanks to its 0.04 micron pre-filter.

Organic Matter

The Pre-Filter of the Alkanatur Shower Filter is able to remove all traces of organic matter, sand and grit.

Step 2: Skin

Our skin is one of the largest absorbing organs

Just as we take care of what we eat, we must take care of the water in our shower, because it also affects our dermis. 

The toxins mentioned above can cause minor health problems such as itching or redness, but they can also lead to more serious problems due to the continuous entry of these elements into our body, such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, atopic skin, ... 

How to avoid it? Using an Alkanatur shower filter

Causes and solutions

At Alkanatur we have analyzed and collected the main causes that affect the health of hair and skin and how to combat them.

Differences between the Alkanatur shower filter and others on the market

Alkanatur: 100% free of calcium sulphite E226 and certified (University of Vigo)

Most filters on the market use a filtering product called calcium sulfite (also called E226 additive). This product is a synthetic derivative created from the combustion of sulfur minerals and although it is used in small quantities in food products, frequent contact with it is very toxic.

Other very common filters are those that contain KDF, which contain minerals such as copper and zinc, that cause these minerals to settle on our hair. These dry out and oxidize the hair, dulling its shine and coloreven causing hair breakage.

Alkanatur rejects chemicals. Our filters are based on a completely natural product such as coconut activated carbon, 100% free of calcium sulfite E226 and certified by the University of Vigo. 

Additionally, to eliminate even more waste, metals and bad odors we use two more layers of filters: A layer of cotton and another layer with deoxidation particles.

Through this we obtain high quality water, 99% free of chlorine, without impurities or organic matter.

See Certificates

Fights inflammation and hair loss

The scalp also suffers inflammation and this is closely linked to hair loss.

Pro-inflammatory cytokines are cell-signaling molecules that promote inflammation. Inflammation affects microcirculation and therefore the scalp, affecting hair loss. 

The inflammation is worsened due to other external oxidative agents such as the sun and especially the chemicals in dyes. The dreaded free radicals have a very negative effect on both your hair and your skin.

All of this also influences and affects our hair microbiome. Our scalp houses small populations of microorganisms, the microbiota. Simply put, the microbiome is the house and the microbiota are the inhabitants.