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Pack of 3 Replacement Filters for Alkanatur Pitcher


Alkanatur 3 Filters Pack

  • Alkanatur alkaline ionized water filter
  • 1,600 liters (425 gal.), equivalent to 12 months of normal use
  • Each filter has a duration of 400 liters (110 gal.)
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Alkanatur filter / 3 filter pack


  • The only Alkalizing Filter 100% made in Spain
  • Endorsed by multiple university studies
  • Certified by the Europe Union on products that have contact with food
  • Our Alkamicronized selective patent, allows the filter to eliminate up to 400 liters of water Free of chlorine, fluorides, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals, fluorides, excess calcium and much more
  • The Antioxidant Alkaline Bioceramics gives an Alkaline pH (between 8.5 and 9.5) without adding calcium or sodium and adding high-quality magnesium
  • Generates antioxidants our CAM system (capacity to maintain antioxidants) uses 77.7% of the antioxidants generated during the ionization on the areas affected by free radicals within our body
  • Generates Ionized water preventing oxidation (Oxidation by free radicals has been linked to premature aging and degenerative disease)
  • The filter is created with 100% natural materials, that do not harm our bodies
  • Cleanse your body with every sip, We conducted several independent clinical trials* on the effect of our alkaline water on the body & found…
  • Loads your system - with healthy electrolytes
  • Type 1 INSULIN DEPENDENCE – significantly reduced oxidative stress after 2 months of use
  • Cardiovascular – considerable lowering of triglycerides which contribute to heart disease

What’s included:

  • x3 Alkanatur Ionized Alkaline Antioxidant Water Filter (duration: 400 liters / 110 gallons or 3-4 months approx.)

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 23 × 7 × 11 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cari Sanchez-Campoy
The water tasting good !!!

I le it!

Well worth every penny.

I love this pitcher. Water tastes great and it is saving us a lot of money. I was paying $3.00/gallon of alkaline water and when we tested the ph it was much lower than what was advertised. However, when I tested the ph of the water after filtering it with the alkanatur system, it tested at 8.5. The water tastes great and I’ve noticed a higher energy level since I’ve started using this filter.

Good Design and Fast filtering

The only pitcher I know that have a good design and firm lid .I hope they manufacture a larger pitcher . And yes the filter is expensive but it is fast and really alkanize the water and decreases ORP.

V. Bautista
Works good, fast and sure. Easy to clean and hold.

Work good, I can taste the change , when water pass through it. I use with distilled water to mineralization.


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