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First of all, thank the thousands of customers who trust in our products and allow us to invest a significant percentage of our income in scientific research.

Second, to thank all the scientists, universities, and research centers for their dedication and professionalism in these studies.

Alkanatur is the company in our sector that invests the most worldwide. Our goal is to help Spanish scientists stay in our country and scientifically demonstrate the vital importance of water in our lives, thus cooperating with our institutions to improve the health and quality of life of society.

Alkanatur Studies

Evaluation of the potential beneficial effects of Alkanatur ionized alkaline water in hypertension *.

In this preclinical study on arterial hypertension, a significant improvement in vascular response is observed, with no detectable harmful side effects. Therefore, the results are consistent with those obtained in the previous study on tumor development, which showed an improvement in the vasculature.

Likewise, a significant reduction in mediators of the inflammatory state was observed in a hypertension model, which is associated with chronic inflammation.

This is important, because in the context of hypertension, vascular alteration is generally closely linked to the inflammatory state.

A trend towards a reduction in oxidative stress indicators is also observed, an observation also consistent with the data derived from the tumor development study.

All this highlights the importance of water in our diet, for the maintenance of our homeostasis, the balance that allows us to respond adequately to diseases.

Evaluation of the potential beneficial effects of Alkanatur ionized alkaline water in three types of tumors *: Skin, lung, and liver.

For the results of the preclinical scientific study prepared by Dr. María Monsalve (CSIC Senior Scientist. Head of the Research Group of the “Alberto Sols” Biomedical Research Institute – IIBm) about three types of tumors: skin, lung and liver and how Alkanatur water influences them.

We decided to share the letter that Dr. Monsalve has written summarizing the work they are doing.

In addition, we have an interview with Dr. Monsalve herself talking about the effects found in this preclinical study:

Study to measure the neutralizing capacity of the treated water through the filters of the Alkanatur jug ​​against the acid residues generated by the organism and its antioxidant capacity *.

A study carried out at the University of Almería in which the neutralizing capacity of the filters of the Alkanatur jar was scientifically demonstrated against the acid residues generated by the body and its antioxidant capacity.

Reebok Sport Club and Alkanatur: new study with Alkaline Ionized Water for sports, in collaboration with Team Claveria

In September 2017, we conducted a study with 7 triathletes in the medical center of the sports club Reebok Sport Club La Finca. Coordinated by the cardiologist Cristian Casseus Schurig and Dr. María Jesús Núñez Martí medical director of the center and specialist in sports medicine.

Said study consisted in testing stresses with exhaled gases under normal hydration with tap water and 2 months later during a week hydrated with Alkanatur alkaline water. The athletes were during that period in a stage of training and competition.

The hydration with Alkanatur Alkaine Water on triathletes, demonstrated a significant increase of the time to reach the anaerobic threshold, expressed in a delay in the appearance of fatigue. Thanks to the calculation of the area between ventilatory thresholds (VT2VE).

Alkanatur water study at the University of Vigo

Dr. Anunciación Lafuente, professor of Toxicology at the University of Vigo and Lead investigator of the “Analysis of Traces, Speculation, Metallography and Toxicology Evaluation” of the CITI* (Research, Transfer and Innovation Center), has directed a rigorous scientific study to evidence the health properties of Alkanatur water on various biochemical and physiological parameters in diabetic animals.

*Centro de Investigacion, Transferencia e Innovacion

Study on the effects of the consumption of Alkanatur alkaline water on urinary pH in healthy volunteers.


Studies carried out by international organizations

alkanatur canada usa

Stomach acidity study

Another study conducted by the Voice Institue of New York, aimed to research the effects of these in vitro studies, that the water from artesian well’s, that contains natural bicarbonates (pH 8.8) could irreversible denature (deactivate) the human pepsin retaled to reflux problems and heartburn, and establish its potential buffer to treat patients with esophageal reflux.

Study on the benefits of alkaline water with high magnesium content VP Research Institute.

Education and Nutrition Consulting Center LTDA. Cruzeiro do Sul University, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Most studies suggest that consumption of alkalizing foods is associated with reduced bone resorption and inhibition of osteoclast activity.

Magnesium consumption is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and certain types of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.


alkanatur canada usa

Analysis of Spanish bottled and tap waters and the implications of their consumption in urinary lithiasis Puigvert Foundation (Urology Service)

The Puigvert Foundation (Urology Service) explains to us in a pioneering study on lithiasis (stones in the gallbladder or kidney), how this pathology can be prevented and improved with the intake of alkaline water rich in calcium and magnesium, but without sodium.

The acidic environment could enhance the damaging effect of viruses and bacteria

A study from the University of Kansas suggests that a low pH in the digestive tract could enhance the damaging effect of viruses and bacteria in our body. Their findings could have implications for helping address the crisis of antibiotic resistance to bacterial infections around the world.


Other studies on alkaline water

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