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Alkaline Water Vs. Distilled and Reverse Osmosis

The argument over the health advantages of various types of water has received a lot of attention lately. Alkaline water, distilled water, and reverse osmosis water are some of the competitors. Alkaline water proponents frequently highlight the mineral content of their product as a major selling factor, claiming that reverse osmosis and distilled water are less beneficial as a result of losing vital minerals. Let's examine the science supporting these assertions more closely to determine whether they hold water.

Alkanatur and Alkaline Water

Water that is alkaline has a pH greater than neutral water (pH 7). Drinking alkaline water helps balance the pH levels in the body (by making the body work less hard to achieve homeostasis), and offers a number of health advantages. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are three of the key minerals found in alkaline water like Alkanatur, which is one of the main grounds in its favour. These minerals are vital for health, and consuming water containing them can help prevent mineral deficiencies and promote general wellbeing. It can also help you drink more water, as the minerals are responsible for the fresh, delicious taste.

Distilled and Reverse Osmosis Water

Both distilled water and reverse osmosis water are produced by purifying procedures that eliminate pollutants and impurities, including minerals. By first heating water at a high temperature and then condensing the steam back into the liquid, contaminants are removed to create distilled water. In reverse osmosis, particles and pollutants are removed from water by passing it through a semipermeable membrane.

The loss of necessary minerals is a frequent complaint against reverse osmosis and distilled water. Consuming water deficient in minerals may contribute to mineral imbalances in the body, which may exacerbate shortages. Additionally, these systems can be more expensive to set up as whole-house systems. Otherwise, if buying such water in bottles, one inadvertently contributes to plastic pollution.

The Bigger Picture

Our total lifestyle choices, rather than just the type of water we consume, are the key to maintaining good health. It's important to stay hydrated with clean, safe water, and whether you choose distilled, reverse osmosis, or alkaline water will depend on your preferences and medical requirements. At Alkanatur, we believe hydration is important - and we acknowledge that access may not be equal for everybody. But all things being equal, why not choose the additional boost of minerals that you can reap from choosing alkaline water?



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