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Do You Know Why You Grow Old? Cellular Oxidation Is Linked to Aging


Oxidation- Surely you have already heard about the benefits of antioxidants. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants could slow down the natural aging process. But, do you know in what quantities should you consume them?

This depends on several factors such as: age, the place where you live, food, stress, illness, amount of exercise we do, bad habits.

The skin is a cleansing organ of the first order, as well as our lymphatic system. If both systems, the two large filters of our organism, liver and kidneys, are not cleaned and purified properly they will acidify and oxidize quickly. All doctors know that the big diseases, skin problems, cellulite, come from this acid environment.

After turning 35

Our natural antioxidant capacity begins to shrink by leaps and bounds. We need a large number of external antioxidants to slow down the deterioration to which free radicals subject us. There are people who every year seem to age at a level far above their biological age.

The only way to stop this deterioration is to provide a large number of antioxidants. But, we would have to eat hundreds of antioxidant pills, or fruit and vegetables in astronomical quantities in order to prevent or stop it.


There is a simple and economical way to solve this big problem, something as simple as the water we drink. Our body is composed of 70% water. The quality of this is fundamental for our health. This water can oxidize and acidify us or on the contrary, be the best tool to alkalize and fight against free radicals that cause damage to our health.

In Alkanatur we have developed water filters that provides alkaline water with an enormous antioxidant capacity.

All this due to the patent we use.

A 100% natural bioceramics developed in collaboration with the prestigious ICG (Institute of Ceramics of Galicia) located in the South Campus of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Its antioxidant capacity has been verified with a double blind study carried out by the Lafuente Annunciation Professor at the University of Vigo.

In just 2 months the indicators of damage caused by free radicals fell dramatically.

Until you correct the underlying problems, oxidation and acidosis will return and continue to wreak havoc on your body.



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