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Study On The Properties And Duration Of The pH In The Alkanatur Drops Jug


Properties duration on Alkanatur water:

In the lines of research that we follow in Alkanatur, we present the results of a series of studies carried out at the University of Vigo by the doctors Herminia Dominguez and Elena Falqué. In this study, the doctors measured various properties of Alkanatur alkaline water. The graphs presented had been directly extracted from the study at the University of Vigo.

pH variation in time

The experience began by measuring the pH of tap water at the University. Then the water was placed in the jug and the timer was set to zero.

You can see the results in the graph. (Fig. 1).

Two types of water samples were compared. The first was at neutral temperature and the other was previously cooled and kept at low temperature during the 24 hours of the experiment.

The pH was measured once every hour for the first 10 hours and then a final measurement at 24 hours to see the evolution.

In both cases, the pH evolution is clearly descending. Regardless of the water temperature, the pH continues 1.5 points in the first 10 hours and reaching a very near point to the start value after 24 hours. Nothing particularly worrisome, but that shows the importance of consuming Alkanatur water, as soon as possible.

ORP variation in time

We measured a reduction of the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of 550 points. It is here, where we see the introduction of antioxidants, the lower the value the more antioxidants (Figure 2).

During the first hour we lose the order of 50 mV for each hour that passes. Although this trend is not continuous during the 24 hours. In the graph we observe that from the sixth hour the ORP continues to increase very slowly and stagnates at a value of about 400mV less than the ORP of the starting water.

Even being water of better quality than the water of departure, it is not convenient to let time pass.

Both temperatures behave in a very similar way.


We have measured the most significant values ​​of Alkanatur water for water at room temperature and cooled water. The variation of the pH and ORP is significant and this does not depend on the temperature of the water.

The antioxidant capacity suffers more during the first hours while the pH seems to hold up better over time. However, in the long term (24 hours) the pH value is normalized to the start value, while the antioxidant capacity remains for a longer time.

The experiment has been carried out within the maximum 24 hours that we advise. Although the jug has a bactericidal capacity, it is not advisable to drink water that has been stored for a long time.

In conclusion, our recommendation is not to store water from one day to another and always keep it in a tightly closed bottle (eg Alkanaturdrops bottle) so that it retains all its properties.


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