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Red and Green Guide to Transgenic Foods

You probably can't answer the question “what do you eat?” Because maybe you don't even know it. Well, if you want to find out, now you can consult the Red and Green Guide to GM foods, which we have prepared in Greenpeace.

We generally do not know what is behind a product that we have chosen to consume. We may even have bought it for its healthy characteristics and that, however, it is transgenic and actually provides us with toxicity to our body.

A transgenic is a living organism that has been artificially created by manipulating its genes. For example, corn of this type that is grown in Spain carries bacteria genes to produce an insecticidal substance. And the risks that these foods cause in humans range from new allergies, the appearance of new toxins and loss of efficacy of certain medications, to unexpected effects.

In any case, this guide, which is already in its fifth edition, it collects two lists of brands, products and manufacturers located in red or green depending on its transgenic policy. Thus, you will have the necessary information so that it is you who decides what to eat.




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