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What Is Detoxification?

The detoxification is based on a detoxification of the body itself providing the necessary nutrients so that we do not suffer any deficiency and operate at full capacity, helps to eliminate stored waste and accumulate less in our body.

Alkaline diet and detoxification can go hand in hand, although it is advisable to thoroughly clean two or three times our body with a complete detoxification, to some extent carry an alkaline diet will accumulate less toxins in our body, because many foods that we introduce into our diet as lemon pineapple have a purifying function.
An alkaline diet helps us to detoxify a prolonged and permanent in time, although as we said, that does not mean that it is not advisable at least a couple of times a year to perform a complete detoxifying treatment.


Benefits of the alkaline diet for our body

As we just discussed, living an alkaline lifestyle will benefit our body in many aspects. Not only decreasing the accumulation of toxins, for example, we will release our body of high levels of acidification and regulate our Ph level, this way we will be fighting against early oxidation of cells. Indeed, by balancing our diet, we will be favoring to recover our ideal weight and, above all, to stay in it.

We will also be helping the digestive processes, being much less heavy digestion and nutrients will be better assimilated by our body. With an alkaline diet we are also strengthening our immune system, making it stronger to prevent colds or infections.

As we have said before, it will bring us a greater level of physical energy as well as mental tranquility. And to finish our list of benefits on the alkaline diet, we will emphasize that keeping the cells’ nutrients in balance makes them favor the fight against diabetes, arthritis or cardiac dysfunctions. Now, if we have encouraged you to follow an alkaline lifestyle, many of you will ask what we can eat, we remind you that if you go through our previous post you will find delicious alkaline recipes for your breakfasts, meals, snacks, dinners and dinners.

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The key to alkaline food is in the balance 30-70, that is, we will consume 70% of alkaline foods and we can complete it with 30% that are within those considered acidifying, therefore, to carry a style of life is at reach of everyone, because unlike other diets, you do not have to give up your way of life, we mean, for example, to go out to dinner there from time to time or take a few beers on the summer terraces, the key it is in knowing how to compensate always looking for balance.

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