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Alkanatur Pitcher with Pack of Filters and OmWater Gratitude Bottle bundle

Alkanatur Pitcher with Pack of Filters and OmWater Gratitude Bottle bundle

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What’s included in this bundle:

  • Alkanatur Pitcher
  • Alkanatur Pack of 3 Replacement Filters
  • OmWater Gratitude Bottle

The Alkanatur Pitcher

The Alkanatur Pitcher alkalizes, ionizes, hydrogenates, and purifies water while adding high-quality magnesium (18mg / L), it retains potassium in water and removes excess calcium resulting in a balanced, fresh, and delicious water.

The Alkanatur alkaline ionized water filter, manufactured 100% in Spain, is the result of 2 years of investigation with the University of Galicia. It has all the certifications required by the European Union. See Certificates.

The filter is created with 100% natural materials, that do not harm our body

The Alkamicronized selective® patent allows filtering up to 400 liters of water free of chlorine, fluorides, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals, excess calcium, and more. This is possible thanks to the premium quality coconut charcoal powder inside the filter.

The filter has Antioxidant Alkaline Bioceramics and high-quality coconut active charcoal. Providing an alkaline pH (between 8.5 and 9.5) without adding calcium or sodium to the water, and adding high-quality magnesium.

It does not add sodium, and the filter DOES NOT contain ion exchange resin. Alkanatur is the only filter that does not use Ion Exchange Resin. This process usually adds sodium to the water (excess sodium has been linked to many health problems)

Does not contain any endocrine disruptors, BPA-Free and Phthalates-Free

Fast filtering: 1 liter in 4 minutes and high-capacity filter of 400 liters (105 gallons)

Hydrogenated water: The bioceramics in our filter provide a unique antioxidant capacity of up to -700mV ORP. Our patented CAM system (Capacity to Maintain Antioxidant) allows for 77.7% of the antioxidants to reach the areas in your body affected by free radicals. The most popular pitchers and filters out there are only able to use only up to 10% of the antioxidants generated effectively.

Generates Ionized water preventing oxidation (Oxidation by free radicals has been linked to premature aging and degenerative diseases)

If you are still not convinced keep scrolling down

OmWater Gratitude Water Bottle

Combining the golden ratio (a structure found in nature), the Om symbol (the sound of creation), the color blue to solarise the water, the seed of life revitalizing from the bottom, and the power of gratitude, the bottle is designed to raise the vibration of water and of those who use it.

The daily use of our Gratitude Bottle enables us to merge with that vibration of gratitude as well as connect with others and our environment. It is an invitation to use the daily act of drinking water as an opportunity to enhance a sense of gratitude for all that life is giving us. Our Bottle promotes a global well-beingness that is benefiting us in our daily lives and opens us to joyfully receive the wonders that life has to offer.

Water has memory and is being codified as it circulates freely around the planet. The OmWater Gratitude bottle is intended to revitalize the water that passes through our body, incorporating positive frequencies into its life cycle, thus blessing the planet with our gratitude.

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    Most Certified Pitcher

    The Alkanatur Pitcher (and its filters) are the most studied and certified pitcher in the market. All our claims are backed up by certificates, research, and/or studies. You can check all of it here

    CERTIFIED: Alkanatur Pitcher is BPA-free. It is FDA, CE (European Committee), ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), and SGS (Society Generale Surveillance) approved. The Alkanatur filter is certified by the CERAMIC INSTITUE OF GALICIA (Santiago de Compostela University, Spain) and more.

    First pitcher with the UNE 149101:2015* certificate

    Alkanatur is the first and only pitcher with the UNE 149101:2015* certification. Analyzed by the prestigious Oliver Rodés laboratory. In this analysis, we can observe how the filters of the Alkanatur Drops jug eliminate in very significant quantities the presence of certain substances in tap water, such as antimony, arsenic, benzene, copper, nitrate, nitrite, various pesticides, lead, selenium, trihalomethanes, aluminum, ammonium, chlorine, iron, among others.

    The only pitcher that doesn't use Ion Exchange Resin

    NO SODIUM ADDED: The only filter that purifies and alkalizes without adding sodium. The Alkanatur pitcher uses an active bioceramic filter of high quality which transforms regular tap water into purified alkaline and ionized water with pH of 8.5-9.5

    Backed up by independent institutions

    Backed-up by multiple university studies (see studies)

    With European certifications on products in contact with food (see certificates)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Claude L.
    Very good product

    Works very well. Very good product for what it is designed for. Raise alcalinity just as expected.

    Jenna O.
    Nice and tasty personal water device

    There is no question the filter works very well. The water great better than many bottled waters. I especially like that only safe plastics are used. The only question that remains if are you willing to purchase for $100...

    lynn R.
    CRUCIAL for Health and I already could feel the difference the alkaline water makes in 1 day!

    RIght now more than ever we Need to keep our health and immune system super strong and our water is one of the most important places. Problem is that extensive filters for the home are expensive and clunky but WOW having this unit and be able to get to the level of alkalinity needed thru this compact of a system is fantastic! My friend who's a data research scientist and health fanatic urged me to get THIS specific one because it does the job the best on the market for this kind of thing and is affordable. I'm thrilled! (love the color too) and so grateful to know I'm taking care of my health - especially right NOW! xox

    L. F.
    Great buy

    Perfect It works perfectly I have tested the water and the filter works 100%